Over the past year, there have been a significant number of Mexico-born immigrants in the United States of America. So it is but natural that people in many parts of the country have been influenced and have grown a liking to Mexican cuisine

Mexican Ingredients You Need While in Quarantine

As we are all being asked to stay indoors by the government, more and more people are coming up with creative ways to keep themselves entertained and well-fed with whatever available resources they have at home.

Due to the government's advice on limiting trips for essential reasons such as grocery shopping, people are becoming creative at making their favorite dishes at home. 

We know you have been craving for that deliciously healthy Mexican food since the start of the coronavirus crisis. So here are some Mexican ingredients you need in your pantry to help you create those Mexican Dishes you love:


The unique, nutty, and spicy flavor of cumin gives the warmth that is typically infused in Mexican food. Aside from being a key spice in Mexican cuisine, it is also commonly used in dishes prepared in India and Vietnam. It is also often used in Tex-Mex dishes. Use this spice to bring a little kick to your homemade dishes. However, adding too much of this spice in your dishes can overpower the other flavors on the plate.


Rice is also a staple ingredient in many Tex-Mex cuisines. Some Mexican dishes elevate the humble white rice into savory and flavorful dishes that can surely fill up the stomachs of people stuck at home. Aside from being a major ingredient in meals placed on plates such as pilafs, it is also used for making the famous Mexican drink horchata. Horchata is made by soaking up the rice in water with cinnamon and sugar.

Mexican Oregano

Mexican oregano is different from the other oregano varieties that are usually used in Italian cuisine. The Italian cuisine's oregano has a close flavor to mint. Mexican oregano has a citrus-like flavor that brings life to every Mexican dish.

Can the Italian oregano replace Mexican oregano in Mexican cuisine? The flavor profile of the Italian oregano and the Mexican oregano is different. The Mexican oregano brings a more authentic Mexican taste to Mexican dishes. Although there will not be a big difference whether the food is prepared with Italian oregano or Mexican oregano, in a time like the coronavirus pandemic, any ingredient close to the real thing will do. It both enhances and improves a dish's flavor infusions.

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Dried Chilies

Mexican cuisine includes a lot of dishes that are made with chilies. Mexican chilies add heat and warmth to authentic Mexican cuisine. Dried chilies are good examples of spices that have longer shelf lives compared to their undried versions. They are the necessary spice to be placed in your pantry amid the coronavirus crisis. Dried chilies' flavor differs in the type of chili. Some bring citrusy, sweet, or smoky flavors together with the heat on many Mexican dishes.