YouTube Star turned boxer Jake Paul said Tuesday that he would not pursue his boxing retirement. Paul announced it a day after he touted to leave the boxing ring.

On Monday, the YouTube star-turned boxer took to Twitter to announce his retirement after beating former UFC champion Tyron Woodley by split decision on Sunday.

"Update Status: Retired Boxer," Paul tweeted.

The boxer posted the said status hours after he was proclaimed winner in the Sunday bout, Yahoo! Entertainment reported.

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Jake Paul Comes Out of Retirement After Hours of Saying He Will Stay Away From Boxing Matches

After at least 25 hours of his retirement announcement, the YouTube icon-turned boxer announced that he would come out of his retirement. 

Jake Paul once again took to Twitter to announce that he would continue his boxing journey.

"Updated status: I'm coming out of retirement," Paul said.

Twitter users were quick to criticize the boxer after his announcement. One user called Paul's boxing journey a "Mickey Mouse" career. 

Another user laughed at Paul's announcement.

Meanwhile, Canadian pro-boxer Phil Lo Greco also expressed his thoughts on Paul's tweet, saying that the YouTube star turned boxer has yet to fight a seasoned boxer. 

Despite imparting his views, the Canadian pro-boxer still congratulated Jake Paul on his win against Woodley.

Although Jake Paul did not stand firm with his decision to retire, the boxer said that he would take some time off after his most recent bout on Sunday. 

"I think I might need to chill out for a second, figure out who I am," Paul said, adding that he was only 24 years old, and he was still learning a lot.

It was not the first time athletes from boxing and MMA touted their retirement but continued with their athletic journey.

TMZ Sports reported that boxing prodigy Muhammad Ali retired a couple of times, as well as George Foreman and Randy Couture, who also touted retirement before changing their minds along the way.

Most recently, MMA fighter Connor McGregor decided to retire, although he already said his plans three times in his career.

Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley Rematch

Jake Paul's decision to retire came out after winning in his most recent bout against Tyron Woodley in Cleveland.

Paul's winning against Woodley earned him 4-0 in his boxing career. Although he won against the former UFC champion, the bout on Sunday was not easy for the YouTube star because he experienced fatigue while fighting as Woodley did not crumble to the canvas even though Paul was a clean hit.

A possible rematch between Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley might take place, as the YouTube icon presented a deal to the UFC champion that he should have "I love Jake Paul" tattooed on his body with specific "guidelines."

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