After being upset numerous times about the poor condition of a private road close to his Florida business, a Florida man came up with a creative solution by planting a banana pothole to warn motorists away from possible accidents and damages.

A Creative Pothole Solution

According to the Associated Press, Bryan Raymond planted the banana tree in a pothole along Honda Drive just off U.S. 41 in south Fort Myers last week. Raymond, who is the business owner of Progress and Pride Fitness Group stated that he came up with the idea of planting the banana tree after he filled up the holes with cement numerous times.

Based on the county officials, since Honda Drive is a private street, business owners were in charge of its maintenance.

For Raymond, the banana tree idea was just an attention-getter for a solid repair. And since the pothole was deep enough to fit the tree, Raymond said that it seemed like the perfect statement.

In his interview, Raymond shared that he wanted to make sure that nobody gets hurt during their maintenance. He also said that he put something obvious in the pothole to avoid a possible accident.

For some time, Raymond's security cameras have captured a series of problems along the street. The footage revealed that the pothole damaged cars and floodwaters causing his trash bin to float away, ABC News reported.

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Commending the Banana Idea on the Florida Road

A number of individuals who are working along the road shared that anything is better than potholes. Scott Shein, a worker at a nearby business, SWFL RV Sales and Rentals, shared his opinion about the banana tree idea.

"I love it, I think it's hilarious. We should have more of these. I think it is sending a message," Shein said.

Shein added that he's seen a lot of cars hit a pothole on the street and bottom out which is a real concern.

Also, Charlie Lopez, a resident living in nearby Cape Coral, agreed on what Shein said.

"It messes up your tire, messes up the rim and then it basically messes up your day," Lopez said.

Moreover, the idea of planting a banana tree in a pothole was a great solution to avoid damages, but for some, though, the sight of a tree brings disbelief.

"I pulled up and I'm like, is that really a tree in the middle of the road?," John Hulker, a resident of Fort Myers said during his interview with WINK-TV.

Furthermore, after the tree was planted, a number of local drivers showed support for the move and commended Raymond for having a sense of humor about the getting the attention of business owners about the situation.

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