Biden administration's transportation secretary, Pete Buttigieg, received criticisms after claiming that the supply chain bottleneck in the U.S. is partially caused by how President Joe Biden "successfully managed" the economy of the United States.

Buttigieg made his comments during an interview with CNN's "State of The Union" hosted by Jake Tapper.

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Transportation Secretary Faces Backlash Over Supply Chain Claims

During the interview, the transportation secretary was asked by the host if Americans should prepare for the worse on the supply issue before it gets better.

Buttigieg noted that the "challenges" in the supply the U.S. is experiencing will continue to be experienced by the Americans into next year. However, the transportation secretary emphasized that there are "short term and long term" that the administration could take to do something about the issue.

Buttigieg then explained that there is a good side to the ongoing supply chain bottlenecks across the United States.

"Look, part of what's happening isn't just the supply side, it's the demand side," the transportation secretary said in the interview.

Buttigieg added that demand is off the charts and retails sales are off the roof, Politico reported.

Buttigieg then credited President Biden's management on the U.S. economy.

"You know every one of those ships is full of record amounts of goods that Americans are buying... because income is up because the president has successfully guided this economy out of the teeth of a terrifying recession," Buttigieg pointed out.

The backlash was quick to comment on the claims of Biden's transportation secretary, including Texas Senator Ted Cruz, mocking the interview.

"Dem talking points: The supply chain is broken down, goods can't get in & inflation is skyrocketing... because things are so damn good," Cruz noted adding that the host agreed by saying "mmm, yes that makes sense."

Meanwhile, former campaign spokesman of ex-President Donald Trump, Tim Murtaugh, also commented on Buttigieg's claim.

"Basically they're saying that everything sucks because Biden is so awesome," Murtaugh said.

Pete Buttigieg Says Biden Administration Works to Address Supply Chain Issues

On Sunday, the transportation secretary also took to Twitter to explain that the Biden administration is working to address the supply chain bottlenecks.

"@POTUS [President Joe Biden] and this administration is working near-term issues and invest in resilient port infrastructures," Buttigieg said. The transportation secretary also highlighted in his tweet that the supply chains disruption across the U.S. "reflect demand roaring back far faster than the decades-old infrastructure can handle."

Buttigieg crediting President Biden despite the supply chain issue came days after the White House officials confirmed that the Los Angeles will operate 24/7, to curb the bottleneck of supply across the United States.

Biden lauded the move, saying that it was important as the port would generate 60 extra hours per week that will allow workers to move cargo off ships onto trucks and trailers, then deliver them to their respective destination.

Meanwhile, a senior official from the Biden administration said that private and major carriers such as Walmart, FedEx, and UPS would also adopt the 24/7 operations, emphasizing that the supply chain is in the hands of the private sector.

Biden's transportation secretary said on Sunday that their role is to be an "honest broker, secure commitments, and get solutions that are going to make it [addressing supply chain] easier."

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Written By: Joshua Summers

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