Republicans Representative Nancy Mace and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis lashed out on Dr. Anthony Fauci on Monday for funds distributed by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) toward abusive puppy experiments and gain-of-function research at a lab in China.

Fox News reported that Mace from South Carolina sent a letter demanding answers to reports that taxpayer funds from his department paid for research subjecting dogs to abusive and inhumane experimental testing before ultimately killing them.

"What we learned recently is that Dr. Fauci is sending puppies to slaughter basically. I learned a few weeks ago that a grant worth about $1.68 million was spent to take 44 beagle puppies, to take their vocal cords out so the scientists couldn't hear their cries or their barks," Mace told "Fox News Primetime."

She added that the dogs were then drugged, killed, and dissected and spent almost $2 million to "kill 44 beagle puppies." Mace noted that what she found was nothing short of "barbaric and gruesome" experiments.

"These poor dogs killing them with our money. Terrible. We would never do this here in the U.S," the lawmaker said.

Aside from criticizing the puppy experiments connected to Fauci, the Republican representative further noted that if the White House chief medical advisor and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) failed to respond to her letter, she will "have to ratchet it up."

"Dr. Fauci has got to be held accountable for everything he has done to this country in the last years. It's devastating," Mace noted. Fauci is the director of the NIAID, which is a part of the NIH.

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Says Anthony Fauci Needs To Be Held Accountable For Puppy Experiments

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Monday lambasted Dr. Anthony Fauci for his alleged involvement in the puppy experiments and gain-of-function research in a lab in Wuhan, China.

The Florida governor said Fauci "needs to be held accountable" over the funds distributed by the NIAID for "abusive" animal experiments and gain-of-function research, The Daily Caller reported.

"They're doing cruel experiments on puppies. What they were doing with those puppies is flat-out disgusting, it's despicable, that needs to stop," DeSantis noted.

The Republican governor said he can't believe that the American tax dollars were used to "treat those dogs the way those dogs are treated."

DeSantis added that NIAID should have been banned from the funding and that American tax dollars should be given to "ethical research" rather than the puppy experiments and gain-of-function research.

"I really think Fauci needs to be held accountable," the Florida governor noted.

Anthony Fauci's Connection on Puppy Experiments

A report from watchdog taxpayer group White Coat Waste Project revealed that NIAID funded $1.68 million in taxpayer money towards drug tests on puppies. The experiments reportedly involved 44 beagles locked in cages with hungry sandflies that would eat them alive.

The dogs were being force-fed or injected with an experimental drug before being introduced to biting flies carrying a parasite known to be contagious to humans. After several weeks, the dogs will then be euthanized or dissected and then die due to the experiments.

Fauci has also been under fire over his central role in the gain-of-function of research and for his role in funding coronaviruses research in China in unsafe laboratories.

In an October 21 letter, the NIAID has admitted that they funded gain-of-function research on bat coronaviruses at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Fauci has continuously denied that the NIH has funded gain-of-function research in Wuhan to experiment with various variations of coronaviruses in 2019.

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Written by: Joshua Summers

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