Joe Rogan is in another backlash on Wednesday as at least 270 doctors and scientists signed an open letter requesting Spotify to monitor his podcast over COVID misinformation.

The letter from the healthcare experts mentioned an episode of Joe Rogan's podcast "Joe Rogan Experience" where Dr. Robert Malone appeared on the New Year's Eve episode of the show.

The experts claimed that the episode harbored theories about COVID-19 and that Malone compared pandemic-related policies to the holocaust, The Sacramento Bee reported.

"These actions are not only objectionable and offensive but also medically and culturally dangerous," the doctors and scientists said in their letter.

Aside from the episode where Dr. Malone was in the show, the experts also mentioned that Joe Rogan has "repeatedly spread misleading and false claims on his podcast." The doctors further argued that Rogan's claims in his Spotify podcast are "provoking' the people's distrust in science and medicine.

The doctors then mentioned several cases where Rogan went against science, claiming that the radio host discouraged vaccines among young children, incorrectly claimed that mRNA vaccines are "gene therapy," and promoted the use of Ivermectin despite the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) warnings.

"We are calling on Spotify to take action against the mass-misinformation events which continue to occur on its platform... This is not only a scientific or medical concern; it is a sociological issue of devastating proportions and Spotify is allowing this activity to thrive in its platform," the experts pointed out.

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Joe Rogan's Spotify Podcast

In Joe Rogan's podcast episode, Dr. Malone talked about his self-created term "mass formation psychosis." Other news outlets tried to research the term, but the said term did not appear on the American Psychological Association's Dictionary of Psychology.

AP News reportedly spoke with Social Psychology Professor Stephen Richter from the University of St. Andrews. However, the expert noted that the term does not bear any "academic credibility."

Aside from the "mass formation psychosis," Dr. Malone also argued in Joe Rogan's podcast that a third of the population "is basically hypnotized" into wearing face masks and getting vaccinated.

According to reports, Dr. Malone was suspended by Twitter over claims of COVID misinformation on the platform.

According to the experts' letter, the episode of the "Joe Rogan Experience" on Spotify has reached many tens of millions of listeners who are vulnerable to "predatory medical misinformation."

Joe Rogan on COVID Treatments

It can be recalled that in April last year, Rogan revealed in an episode in his podcast that "healthy" young people should not be vaccinated.

However, the radio host then walked back on his vaccine comments, claiming that he supports the remedy for COVID-19.

"I said I believe they're [COVID vaccines] safe and I encourage many people to take them," Rogan said.

In September, Joe Rogan revealed that he was stricken with COVID-19, as he canceled his shows during that time. He then revealed that he took Ivermectin, monoclonal antibodies, and a Z-pack to battle the virus.

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Written By: Joshua Summers

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