"Saturday Night Live" alums Horatio Sanz and Fred Armisen are teaming up to launch "Más Mejor," a Latino comedy hub designed to meet the millennial generation where they live: online.

Más Mejor, meaning "more better," will launch as a joint venture between SNL creator Lorne Michael's Broadway Video Enterprises and the two veteran comedians who got their start on that NBC flagship comedy show.

It's designed to match both the tastes and lifestyle of millennial Latinos, who as we've previously reported, are markedly digitally savvy, and tend to voraciously consume online entertainment more than the average American youth.

As for the content, Sanz and Armisen see a lack of high quality comedy for millennial Latinos online, along with no central place on the Internet for them to find it, anyway. "There is no real hub for high-quality Latino comedy," said Sanz, according to Ad Week.

This Tuesday at Advertising Week, which coincidentally takes place during Hispanic Heritage Month, Sanz and Armisen, who has found success with millennial audiences through his TV show Portlandia, announced plans to launch Más Mejor starting Jan. 11 of next year.

Más Mejor will be both a digital, cross-platform hub for Latino comedy as well as a content studio and training ground, identifying, fostering and exposing new Latino comedy talent to audiences. Sanz said many of the comedians already have been producing comedy their own personal channels on YouTube.

But Más Mejor seeks to raise the aesthetic, production values, and quality of its content beyond the average online comedy series. "We're going to try and get the taste level a little higher," said Sanz, who is aiming for his Latino comedy hub to produce content in a similar style as SNL.

He also plans on producing content in both English and Spanish, which is a smart move: As we reported this week, a study by the Hispanic Millennial Project found that more than a third of millennial Latinos value bilingual entertainment.

Some of the comedy will come from a Mexico City-based studio called "What a Bear Producciones," run by executive producer Adriana Bello, who previously attempted to launch a Mexican version of "Saturday Night Live" without success.

"There is obviously a demand for this kind of content but unfortunately there is not much supply," said Bello to Ad Week.

Más Mejor will launch as a website, but to boost its reach, some of the digital entertainment hub's comedy will also be available through NBC Universal-owned Telemundo. It will distribute comedy through a bevy of its digital media, including its website, YouTube channel, mobile apps, and social media presence.

"Why recreate the wheel when we have existing partners like Telemundo digital, which already has such amazing reach?" noted president of Broadway Video Enterprises and new head of Más Mejor, Britta von Schoeler. "We're going to be everywhere."