Chris Cuomo Tested Positive for COVID-19

Cuomo's coworkers recently distributed a memo describing the present health condition of news anchor, and Governor Andrew Cuomo's younger brother, Chris Cuomo, after he was tested positive for COVID-19 on Tuesday.
Donald Trump

Donald Trump's Most Controversial Moments About Latinos During 2016 Election Campaign, So Far

As Donald Trump continues to try and unify the Republican Party after becoming the presumptive Republican nominee, the question most hold is: Will he get the Hispanic vote? Here is a sample of the diverse rhetoric Trump has used throughout his campaign.
Donald Trump and Ted Cruz

GOP Debate: Trump Triumphs in Twitter, Google Activity & Moments

The latest Republican presidential debate had many people engaged on social media, and it appears front-runner Donald Trump dominated discussion.
Republican Debate

Republican National Committee End NBC Partnership, CNN Will Host February GOP Debate

The Republican National Committee (RNC) announced Monday it has officially cut ties with NBC and will partner with a different media outlet for an upcoming Republican debate following their fallout over the CNBC GOP debate in October 2015.
Republican presidential candidates debate

GOP Debate Recap: Early Republican Debate Heightens With Trump, Immigration Reform

Republican presidential candidates have gathered at the Ronald Reagan Library in California, and four White House hopefuls engaged in the first of two debates on Wednesday.
Donald Trump

GOP Debate: 5 Things Latinos Should Know

The second Republican presidential primary debate is tonight, and the show could set new records for cable news. Two debates are set for Wednesday evening in California, where Latinos are the majority.
John Walsh: Missing Hispanic, Black Children Don't Get the Media Attention They Deserve

'America's Most Wanted' Host John Walsh: Missing Hispanic, Black Children Don't Get the Media Attention They Deserve

John Walsh, who many know as the host and creator of "America's Most Wanted," says the crusade to protect children still has a vital piece missing: the media attention needed for missing Hispanic and black children, who are too often overlooked.
Jose Antonio Vargas

Undocumented Journalist and Filmmaker Jose Antonio Vargas Detained by US Border Patrol in Texas While Covering Plight of Central American Refugees

Pulitzer-Prize winning undocumented journalist Jose Antonio Vargas, who is also the founder of "Define American," has been detained while covering the immigration crisis involving Central American child refugees on the Texas-Mexico border.
Jose Antonio Vargas

CNN Deportation Poll on Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist Jose Antonio Vargas' Immigration Status Sparks Social Media Debate

With Independence Day around the corner, Pulitzer Prize-winning, undocumented journalist Jose Antonio Vargas, whose compelling film "Documented" aired on CNN this Sunday, couldn't have picked a better time to ask the country "How do you define American?"
Mike Hudack

Facebook Product Director Mike Hudack Posts Rant Against CNN, Nation's Media

Mike Hudack, Facebook's director of product, wrote a lengthy, self-proclaimed rant Thursday in which he blasts the current state of the media and its lack of serious news coverage.
Jose Antonio Vargas

Jose Antonio Vargas' Riveting Film 'Documented' Will Compel You to Re-Evaluate Your Stance on Immigration Reform

Pulitzer Prize-winning undocumented journalist Jose Antonio Vargas shared his compelling story through the screening of his powerful film, "Documented" as a part of Immigrant Heritage Week (April 17-24) on April 17 at the Museum of Moving Image in Long Island City, New York.
Jose Antonio Vargas

Jose Antonio Vargas' Compelling Immigration Doc, 'Documented' Hits NYC & LA Theaters Before CNN Films' TV Release

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and filmmaker Jose Antonio Vargas continues to shed light on the need for immigration reform through his powerful documentary, Documented, which will be released in select New York and Los Angeles theaters prior to its television broadcast on CNN.
Ted Turner

Ted Turner Reportedly Hospitalized In Argentina With Appendicitis

Turner Broadcasting System and CNN Founder Ted Turner was hospitalized in South America early Friday morning, Turner's spokesperson told "CNN."

Flipboard Partners with CNN, Acquiring Curation Tech from Competitor Zite, Too

Flipboard is responding to the threat imposed by Facebook's new Paper app by buying another rival and striking a content partnership with news giant CNN.

Shanghai Sets Taxi Smartphone App Regulations, Uber Banned Completely

The City of Shanghai imposed strict laws against the use of cab-hailing smarphone apps Thursday, according a CNN report.

Latinos Use Mobile and Social Networking More Than Other Americans, So Why is There a Lack of Hispanic News Coverage?

The closure of Latino news sites questions the strategy and viability of targeting Hispanics with their own sites compared to reading English-language or general market news sources. Considering that Hispanics are such a large and growing market of United States media consumers, what went wrong?
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