‘Insidious: Chapter 3’ New Spanish Trailer

5 Horror Films to Watch In Preparation for 'Insidious 3'

This week the world will get a chance to check out "Insidious 3," the latest in Hollywood's obsession with paranormal horror movies. Remember the time when slasher moves were all the rage? Remember how that slowly shifted toward the subgenre known as torture porn (movies like "Saw" and "Hostel")?

'Aloft' Movie Review: Claudia Llosa Delivers Structurally Sound Film

Aloft” is certainly high on the emotions, but those willing to stick with the film on its own turns will find satisfaction in Llosa’s structural acuity and the visceral performances on display.

REEL SALAZARS: 'Mad Max Fury Road' is a Sweeping Symphonic Adrenaline Rush

In many ways, "Mad Max: Fury Road" fits the conventional mold of Hollywood's machine. The film has explosions, a thin story, and a relentless pace. But it manages to take all of those tropes and transform it into an organic whole where each and every piece is essential to its overall impact. And more over, where other action blockbusters suffer from predictability of their start-stop structure, this film, with its minimal dialogue, feels like a full-fledged experience that has you immersed from the start to its finish. This is pure action cinema at its very finest in what will undoubtedly be one of the best films of 2015.

DVD Releases of the Week: Salma Hayek's 'Everly', Liam Neeson's 'Taken 3' Lead New DVD Movies

From "Taken 3" to "Everly" and more, Latin Post takes a look at the hottest DVDs coming to stores this week
Raini Rodriguez talks to Latin Post about working on

EXCLUSIVE: Raini Rodriguez Dishes on 'Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2,' Kevin James & Being Latina in Movie Business

"Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2" is slated for release on April 17 and reunites the cast from the successful first installment. Among those stars returning for a second time is Raini Rodriguez as Maya Blart, the titular character's daughter. Rodriguez, who was born in Texas, has been acting since the age of 11 and has appeared in such films as "Girl In Progress," "Prom" and such TV series as "Austin & Ally," "I'm in the Band" and "Jessie" among others. The actress recently spoke to Latin Post about her experiences on the set of both "Mall Cop" movies as well as her point of view on being a Latin American in the film industry.

Easter Weekend Films: Nine Films To Watch Over Easter Break

With the holiday weekend coming up many families will want to stay home to celebrate Easter. They will ignore the current movie fare at the box office including "Furious 7," "Cinderella," "Home" and "Insurgent." For those not interested in this type of fare, Latin Post takes a look at "Hop" and a number of films to watch this holiday weekend.

DVDs of the Week: 'Interstellar,' 'Imitation Game' Headline Home Video Releases

xWith "Furious 7" coming out this weekend, the studios will release three of the most successful films of 2014. "Interstellar," "The Imitation Game" and "Wild" will offer up alternatives to the mega blockbuster.

'Home' Movie News Update 2015: Film's Opening Weekend Marks Rebound for DreamWorks

This weekend Dreamworks saw "Home" obtain one of the best opening weekends for one of their films.

'Insurgent' Movie Review: Dull, Plodding Plot & Bland Characters Make Latest 'Divergent' Film A Bore

"Insurgent" unfortunately is not an improvement on its predecessor which was far from special. Instead, it is a major downgrade on "Insurgent' with a sloppy plot and uninteresting characters.
Featuring a star-studded cast of Latin American actors,

'Wild Tales:' The Will to Power Showcased in Six Hilarious Stories in Argentine-Directed Movie

"Wild Tales" is such a diverse film in so many ways and yet its numerous narratives are all connected by an overarching idea about human behavior -- despite our best desires, all of us are commanded by our deepest instincts for power and pleasure. The results of these base instincts can lead to true tragedy, but also to fascinating comedy.

DVD Releases of the Week: Venezuela's "The Liberator" Joins "Night At the Museum 3" As Major Home Video Releases

This week "Night at the Museum" will be the biggest DVD release of the week while a slew of critically acclaimed Indie films will also be released after somewhat disappointing theatrical runs.
Jose Pablo Cantillo stars in Neill Blomkamps'

EXCLUSIVE: "Chappie" Actor Jose Pablo Cantillo on Neill Blomkamp's Promise, Driving in Johannesburg & TV vs. Film

Jose Pablo Cantillo recently spoke with Latin Post regarding his role in "Chappie" and whether he feels more comfortable working in television or film.
A La Mala

EXCLUSIVE: Mauricio Ochmann Gives All the Details on 'A La Mala' & 'Senor de los Cielos 3'

Mauricio Ochmann is one of the most celebrated Mexican actors of his time. He has worked on a number of soap operas including “Los Victorinos,” “Azul Tequila,” “El Senor de Los Cielos,” “El Clon” and “Victoria.” Ochmann had a chance to speak with Latin Post about the role of Santiago in the upcoming film and his upcoming projects.
Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu won the Best Director and Picture award at the Oscars, thus making Latin American history.

Oscars 2015: Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu & "Birdman" Make Latin American History

One of the big stories to circulate after the announcement of the Oscar nominations was the lack of diversity. Most prominently, "Selma," a film about Martin Luther King, was shut out in all but two categories. There was no diversity in the acting categories either. And yet, Latin Americans had solid representation at the 87th Academy Awards. One best picture nominee was helmed and shot by Mexicans and also had a few Argentine nominees as well. Another Argentine film was nominated for the best foreign language film. So how did Latin Americans do at the big ceremony?
Alejandro Gonzelez Inarritu has had a brief but potent filmography thus far.

Oscars 2015: How Mexican Director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu's Career Grew From Novice to Oscar-Worthy

"Birdman" is Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu's most successful film on a number of fronts. It is the highest grossing film by the Mexican auteur. It is also his most critically lauded film as well. And it might also be the film that allows the filmmaker to taste Oscar glory for the first time. A look at his filmography might not leave a viewer completely overwhelmed. After all "Birdman" is his only his fifth film. But to the surprise of no one, every single film that the director has created has been accepted with open arms by critics and audiences alike. Here is a retrospective look at his filmmaking.
Carlos Pratts recently spoke with Latin Post about his work on

EXCLUSIVE: 'McFarland, USA's' Carlos Pratts on Working With Kevin Costner, Bonding With Cast & Spider-Man Rumors

Carlos Pratts recently spoke with Latin Post about his experience in creating the character and working with Costner among other things.
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