The Hulk

Mark Ruffalo Calls 'Thor: Ragnarok' a 'Buddy Film'

Mark Ruffalo has hinted that "Thor: Ragnarok" will be a buddy film.

'Brooklyn' Is a Melancholic Look at Immigration

"Brooklyn" will make you cry. It is the kind of movie filled with melancholy that anyone leaving home can fully understand. It is a movie about the passage into full-blown adulthood and the coming to terms with one's identity. There might some disappointments in the film, but they are microscopic compared to the glorious acting and filmmaking on display.
Jared Leto Joker

Suicide Squad News Update: Playing Joker Was 'Fun' & 'Painful' Experience For Jared Leto

Jared Leto, the latest person tasked with the job for the upcoming "Suicide Squad," is not dispelling this notion. The actor, who is gracing the cover of Empire, in full Joker regalia, spoke to the magazine about the difficult experience it was to embody such a psychopathic villain.
The Pearl Button

'The Pearl Button' Movie Review: A Meditative Look at Chile's Violent History

"The Pearl Button" offers the viewer a panoramic view of Chile's violent history at a slow pace that really allows the director to unpack the issue on a metaphysical level. The interviews not only provide context, but also color allowing the viewer to not only understand the world but feel a part of it. At 82 minutes this is a refreshing approach to filmmaking that keeps the viewer entranced and emotionally riveted.
Dave Bautista Spectre

EXCLUSIVE: Former WWE Wrestler Dave Bautista on Playing Mr. Hinx in "Spectre"

Dave Bautista talks "Spectre" with Latin Post ahead of the Nov. 6, worldwide, release date.
Jackie Cruz

Jackie Cruz Builds An Identity Outside of 'OITNB' [Exclusive]

Jackie Cruz talks about her life outside of "Orange is the New Black."

'Star Trek Beyond' Rumors: Zoe Saldana Film has Ended Production

Its official, "Star Trek Beyond" has finished production.
Dakota Johnson

'Fifty Shades Darker': Dakota Johnson Wants People to Have Sense of Humor

"Fifty Shades of Grey" star Dakota Johnson has revealed that she does not care what people think about the film which came out in February.
Beasts of No Nation

Beasts of No Nations Movie Review: Netflix's First Film is A Painful Exploration of Children Damaged by War in Africa

If the opening image of "Beasts of No Nation" is framed as illusion, the final image, which essentially bookends the story with a similar image explored through a more promising element, tells us that there is hope. Or at the very least the film seems to be hoping for some hope.
Guillermo del Toro

BEHIND THE SCENES: Guillermo Del Toro & the Making of 'Crimson Peak'

Latin Post talks to director Guillermo del Toro on the making on "Crimson Peak."
MIles Ahead

'Miles Ahead' Is a Solid Experiment That Does Not Match Excellence of Its Subject [New York Film Festival 2015]

"Miles Ahead" reaches high with its subject matter and genre subversion. However, the catharsis never comes. The sense that Davis is this revolutionary genius is never truly felt; the audience is constantly reminded of his greatness by other characters onscreen, but the sense of his artistic importance is glimpsed over in a few performances. People that are familiar with the artist will undoubtedly connect with the narrative, but those unfamiliar will come away wondering what the hype was all about.
Son of Saul

NY Film Festival Review - 'Son of Saul': A Grueling, Claustrophobic Masterpiece

Watching "Son of Saul" is a grueling experience on many levels. Through the subject matter (the Sonderkommando forced to aid in the extermination of their own people), the style of the film and its painful plot, the film never shies away from aims to portray the holocaust as an act of animalistic brutality and evil. Unlike other films on the subject, there is no hope at the end of the line and any glimmer of it ultimately proves false.
Movies Steve Jobs

Reel Salazars - Steve Jobs Movie Review: A Biopic As Inventive & Dynamic As Its Subject

"Steve Jobs" is not your traditional biopic but instead an operatic "backstage" look at the life of man well-known for his work in front of the proscenium. Those looking for "historical accuracy" might as well turn to the languid "cradle to grave" "Jobs" which stars Ashton Kutcher. This film however, in its pace, its inventiveness and dynamism, is far more true to the spirit of one of the most exciting geniuses of our time.

Frank Perozo & Evelyna Rodriguez Reflect on the Making of 'Ladrones' [EXCLUSIVE]

On October 9, Pantelion will release its latest film "Ladrones."
Black Panther

'Straight Outta Compton' Helmer to Direct 'Black Panther' Film?

Felix Gary Gray may be joining Marvel's cinematic universe.
Movies Bridge of Spies Tom Hanks

NY Film Festival Review: Bridge of Spies Lacks Any Sense of Danger or Suspense

All of the pieces of "Bridge of Spies" amount to a disjointed film that seems rather intent on its message at the cost of palpable suspense or drama. Some might be attracted to the feel-good vibes and optimism of the narrative, yet there is a lot left to desire about Spielberg and company's decision to gloss over the details in the search for explicit ideology.
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