End of the Tour

'The End of the Tour' Movie Review: Two Davids Engage in Challenging Conversations

The dialogues of "The End of the Tour" are lengthy and often complex, which might present an issue for impatient audience members. This intricate character study may require multiple views to unpeel the layers beneath its relaxed exterior.
Rebecca Ferguson and Tom Cruise star in

Q&A with 'Mission Impossible' Star Rebecca Ferguson [EXCLUSIVE]

"Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation" hits theaters this weekend and one of the major stars of the film is Swedish actress Rebecca Ferguson. The Swedish actress recently starred in such films as "Hercules," "Vi" and the TV Series "The White Queen." Now she gets her shot at an action movie before working with Meryl Streep in Florence Foster Jenkins. The actress recently talked with Latin Post about her experience working with Tom Cruise, doing stunts and the experience of listening to Florence Foster Jenkins for the first time.
Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

Weekend Preview July 31, 2015: 'Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation' Battles 'Vacation'

After a week of "smaller" releases, the film industry resurges with several major movies. As summer winds down, another major franchise film looks to take advantage of the dying days of summer to pull off a solid performance at the box office. Here are the films set for release on the July 31 weekend.

Weekend Preview July 24: 'Pixels,' 'Southpaw' Looks to Take Down 'Ant-Man'

A week after the release of a major super hero movie and one week before the release of a major blockbuster, the film industry will take things a bit more calmly with three lower-profile releases. The lack of a major title in this week's lineup likely has to do with the continued success of "Ant-Man." Here is a good look at what fans looking for new movies to see during the weekend of July 24 can check out.
Michael Pena

'Ant-Man's' Michael Pena Talks Favorite Superheroes, Opportunities For Latinos in Film, and His Son [EXCLUSIVE]

Michael Pena talks to Latin Post about "Ant-Man."
El Ardor

Pablo Fendrik on Making 'El Ardor' With Gael Garcia Bernal, Alice Braga [EXCLUSIVE]

"El Ardor," the latest film by Argentine director Pablo Fendrik hits cinemas this Friday, providing audiences with an opportunity to see a Western from a Latin American perspective. Fendrik is the director of such films as "The Mugger," "Villa Tranquila" and has written such screenplays as "Blood Appears" and "Possible Lives." The Argentine auteur had a chance to speak with Latin Post ahead of the film's release, revealing his inspirations for the work and the greatest challenges he overcame in making it.
Star Wars Princess Leia

5 Things We Learned From 'Star Wars' Comic-Con Panel

Comic-Con brought a great deal of excitement for "Star Wars" fans with a panel featuring the cast of the film and a three minute video taking fans behind the scenes. As might be expected, a great deal was revealed about the upcoming "Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens." Here are some major things we learned from the event.
Cartel Land

REEL SALAZARS 'Cartel Land' Movie Review: When Heroes Turn Into Villains

"Cartel Land" is not a film for everyone and some of the imagery will weigh heavily on he or she that braves the experience. One scene takes us into the home of a woman who relates the murder of her husband and her rape at the hands of cartel leaders. The woman, staring blankly at the camera, is a painful image to behold, her inexpressive face revealing the irreversible damage done to her. It is a damage that for the time being, looks like it will continue for many innocent people for years and years to come.
Mia Xitlali Max

Mia Xitlali Talks Portrayals of Latinas in Entertainment & Shares Details from the Set of 'Max' [Exclusive]

It has taken a while, but Latin Americans are slowly starting to get more opportunities in major motion pictures. Mia Xitlali, a rising star of Mexican descent, is the latest actor to get an opportunity to make a name for herself on the big screen as he portrays Carmen in Warner Bros.' upcoming film "Max." Xitlali's career got started at the age of seven when she landed a role in Roger & Hammerstein's "South Pacific" at the Hollywood Bowl. She has appeared in a few short films and continues to do theater work in Los Angeles. Xitlali recently talked to Latin Post about the experience of working on Boaz Yakin's "Max" which also stars Thomas Haden Church and Lauren Graham among others.

REEL SALAZARS 'Max' Review: Belgian Malinois Dogs Carry the Day in Conventional, Overly Blunt Film

Despite its shortcomings, "Max" should please audiences looking for a family film filled with adventure and lovable dogs. It helps to have a solid cast of characters to lead the way, even if the people we are expected to bond with are people we have met in other iterations, possibly better ones.

BEHIND THE SCENES of 'Max': How Military Dogs Starred Alongside Cast [EXCLUSIVE]

Latin Post talks to the cast and crew of Boaz Yakin's upcoming "Max."
'Inside Out'

REEL SALAZARS: 'Inside Out' Movie Review: Poignant, Funny & Heartbreaking, Pixar's Latest Film Might Be Its Best

"Inside Out" moves at a riveting clip, coming off as an adventure story like no other. It will certainly provide viewers with a new perspective on our emotions and whether we or something else has control over them and by extension our behavior and actions. There can be no doubt - Pixar is back on top and quite possibly at the best it has ever been.
Jurassic World

REEL SALAZARS: Entertaining 'Jurassic World' Explores Sequel Culture & Its Discontents

Despite the shortcomings, "Jurassic World" is a well-paced summer blockbuster with a strong cast and terrific visuals. The social commentary on the state of the industry adds to the fun making this one of the better summer films of 2015 and one of the finer reboots of recent memory.

DVD Releases of the Week: Jennifer Lawrence & Bradley Cooper's 'Serena' Released Alongside 'Kingman: The Secret Service'

This week studios will offer few home video releases in order to avoid competition from "Jurassic World." However, there are plenty of genres for moviegoers including action, drama, and comedy.
Insidious 3

EXCLUSIVE: Gaby Moreno on "Insidious: Chapter 3" Lullaby, Career Challenges & Aspirations

As part of the marketing campaign for the upcoming "Insidious: Chapter 3," Focus Features brought on musician Gaby Moreno to showcase her voice in a trailer aimed at Latin America audiences. For Moreno, a Guatemalan artist who has made a number of albums and toured with such bands as Calexico, the task was a rather unusual one. Moreno recently spoke to Latin Post about the experience of recording music for a film preview as well as her career challenges and goals.

REEL SALAZARS 'Insidious: Chapter 3' Movie Review: A Predictable, But Ultimately Unnecessary Sequel

Perhaps the least shocking aspect of "Insidious: Chapter 3" is how poor a film it ultimately is. True to form, it manages to indulge in every horror cliché in the book, but does not end there. The film also fulfills the stereotype of the artistically-bereft sequel, a film so generic and inconsequential that it needs to hide behind a notable brand to have any sort credibility.
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