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Ecuador President Rafael Correa on Donald Trump: 'Latin America Will Have an Increase in Progressive Trend if He Wins'

First Posted: Mar 02, 2016 05:59 AM EST
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Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa told the Ecuadorian Broadcasting Association that Donald Trump winning the presidency is good for Latin America. However, Correa pointed out that it will be bad for the United States if Trump becomes president, as reported by teleSURtv.

"Since Latin America is quite independent from the U.S., I think we may even see an increase in the progressive trend here. That would be a major positive of a Trump victory," Correa said.

He added that a Trump regime will be just like George W. Bush's government that will lead to a great divide between powerful nations. During the Bush era, many progressive thinkers and groups emerged in Latin American countries like Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador and Venezuela.

Progressivism in Ecuador

According to Study.com, progressivism refers to "the belief that government or people acting on its behalf can be used to address social problems, inequalities, or inequities facing the nation." In a report by Open Democracy, the increase in the number of leftist and progressive leaders in Latin America since 1998 was called a "pink tide."

Before being elected as president of Ecuador in 2007, Correa served as Finance Minister under then-president Alfredo Palacio. The 52-year-old leader was able to win due to his sheer charisma and arrogance despite not belonging to any political party system, per Venezuelanalysis.

Instead, he created his own "citizen's movement" called Alianza País. Correa was also very good during his debates by neutralizing the arguments made by his opponents, which impressed Ecuadorians.

A report by Bloomberg noted that Correa will be Ecuador's president until 2017 after its congress amended the country's constitution. The amendment disallows Correa to run for the presidency in the 2017 election while allowing consecutive terms to its future presidents.

Democratic President is Good for the US

Although it is noted in the teleSURtv report that Correa said Trump will be good for progressives in Latin America, he mentioned that a Democratic U.S. president is good for overall "world security." He praised both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton while calling Trump "clumsy."

The Ecuadorian president said that despite Sanders' age of 74, the presidential candidate is supported by young people because of his anti-establishment politics. "He is iconoclastic. He is against Wall Street, against the big transnationals. He is saying what people want to hear," Correa said.

Correa also said that he has a high regard for Clinton but sees her as part of the establishment.

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