Former press secretary Stephanie Grisham said that she's afraid that former president Donald Trump would run for office again in 2024 presidential elections while mentioning the former administration's COVID response.

Grisham explained why she's terrified of Trump running again, saying that she does not think he is fit for the job, adding that she thinks he is erratic, according to a Business Insider report.

The former Trump press secretary noted that she thinks he is a narcissist and cares about himself first and foremost.

Grisham said that she does not "want him to be our president again."

She said in a separate interview with ABC's George Stephanopoulos that she didn't believe at first that Trump will be running for 2024. Grisham said that everybody was showing their fealty to him and he is clearly the frontrunner in the GOP.

Grisham was among the people who helped the president to sell his agenda when he was in office. He admitted that she shared some of the blame.

She noted that she wished she had spoken out more about the pandemic and the then-administration's COVID response.

Grisham said that she wished she told him Trump needs to wear a mask. The former press secretary said that the administration's misinformation of the pandemic led to more people dying.

Grisham added that she does not know if she can ever forgive herself for being part of that agenda.

Grisham had written an expose book entitled "I'll Take Your Questions Now: What I Saw in the Trump White House."

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Stephanie Grisham's Book

Grisham revealed in her tell-all book about Trump allegedly abusing his staff, as well as making sexual comments about a young White House aide, according to The New York Times report.

Grisham recounted how Trump berated her and made outlandish requests, such as demanding that she appear before the press corps and re-enact a curtain call with the Ukrainian president, which she managed to avoid.

Grisham wrote in her book that she knew sooner or later the former president would want her to tell the public something that was not true or something "that would make me sound like a lunatic."

She also served as former First Lady Melania Trump's aide after serving as a press secretary for the former president.

Trump and those closest to him had made a move to discredit Grisham.

Trump said in a statement that Grisham did not have what it takes and that it was obvious from the start. He added that she had become "very angry and bitter" after a breakup.

Grisham also took a jab against the former first lady and made a point of likening her to Marie Antoinette, describing Melania as "dismissive, defeated, and detached," according to a USA Today report.

Grisham's book was kept secret from her closest allies in the White House. She wrote that months before the election, she had moved to Kansas.

Meanwhile, her publisher, HarperCollins, described the book as the frankest and intimate portrait of the Trump White House yet.

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