Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton’s latest attempt to reach out to Latinos on social media backfired.

Coinciding with daughter Chelsea Clinton's latest pregnancy announcement, Clinton's campaign posted "7 Things Hillary Clinton Has in Common With Your Abuela" -- using the Spanish word for "grandmother."

Posted by Clinton campaign staffer Paola Luisi, the article lists ways in which Clinton is similar to Hispanic grandmothers. Apparent similarities included worrying for her children, reading to kids before bedtime, bravely talking about ongoing disrespect, and posing in pictures next to singer Marc Anthony.

The post was meant to show how Clinton is relatable to Latino families. However, many have found it to be "Hispandering," or pandering to Hispanics.

On Tuesday evening and through the night, Latinos, as well as Clinton's opponents, criticized the post with the Twitter hashtag "#NotMyAbuela."

Campaign staffers from Clinton's Democratic rivals also chimed in.

From the Bernie Sanders campaign, Erika Andiola, an undocumented immigrant who serves as the campaign's national Latino press secretary, wrote, "Mine fought poverty for her 11 children & couldn't see half of them before she passed away because of a border."

From Martin O'Malley's campaign, Gabriela Domenzain, who serves as the candidate's public engagement director, shared a photo of her grandmother.

Clinton has received the endorsements of top Latino leaders, such as House Reps. Linda Sanchez, Xavier Becerra, Luis Gutierrez and Tony Cardenas. However, she has also been questioned on her immigration stance, notably on immigrant detention policies, providing undocumented immigrants with driver's licenses and immigrants' access to Affordable Care Act benefits.

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