Five Netflix Movies to Watch Today As The Streaming Provider Removes And Adds Films

Every month films are added and removed from your Netflix cue. This is always something that annoys Netflix viewers as they are forced to watch films before they leave the cue and add new ones to watch. Here is a list of the best five films leaving and the best five being added.
Ruben Kihuen

TURNOUT: Mexican-American Ruben Kihuen Hopes to Bring Progressive Work Ethic to Congress

Although born in Mexico, Ruben Kihuen actually has been living the American Dream, and he’s currently campaigning to bring his progressive work ethic to the next level: Congress.
Undocumented Youth

Civic Participation Rates Climb for Latino Youth

Civic participation rates may be lower for Latinos than other ethnic/racial groups, but it’s higher than ever for the population. Improved educational opportunities, unparalleled social media engagement and community involvement demonstrates Latinos' aptitude for greater civic involvement.
voting voter ballot election vote

Iowa Caucus, New Hampshire Presidential Election Primary Dates Confirmed; Iowa Democrats Propose Changes

Preparations for the 2016 presidential elections are underway as the Democratic National Committee announced the dates for the first caucus of the campaign.
cesar chavez

Former Republican Challenges Latino Candidates in Arizona Congressional Race With New Name, Cesar Chavez

Cesar Chavez is running for a seat in Congress, but it's not the late workers rights icon. Instead, the candidate is a former Republican who is being criticized for using the reference to wrongfully drum up support.
Cesar Chavez

Scott Fistler, Two-Time GOP Candidate, Changes Name to Cesar Chavez to Cater to Latino Voters

Scott Fistler changed his name because he has "experienced many hardships" as a result of his name.
BJP's Narendra Modi Becomes India's Prime Minister With Landslide Victory

Narendra Modi Becomes New Prime Minister of India; Congress Party Leader Concedes Defeat

A shift in power is seen in India as the world's largest democracy elects Narendra Modi prime minister and give the BJP a grand majority in parliament.
Medical Marijuana Dispensary

George Washington University Survey Says More Will Vote if Legalizing Weed Is On the Ballot

The federal government has declared that any state can pass a law to allow the use of marijuana for recreational purposes as long as they have a regulated system in place.

Hispanic Labor Union Leader Eliseo Medina Arrested, Obama Says "Whole Country Hears You"

Eliseo Medina is one of the loudest voices for reform

2016 Presidential Race GOP Contender Marco Rubio Impresses With Charisma

He is a Cuban American and GOP contender

America Ferrera Discusses her American Pride and Prop 187

America Ferrera, America’s plum Latina sweetheart, opens up about growing up in Los Angeles, politics and more, on an episode of "Cafecito." The Honduran actress met up with the NBC Latino funded conversational segment at the Voto Latino Power Summit in Washington, DC, earlier this year.

Garcetti Wins Record-Breaking Los Angeles Mayoral Election

The campaign for the mayor's seat was the most expensive in the city's history, costing over $33 million for all of the candidates.

L.A. Mayoral Campaign Draws To A Close With Today's Election

Eric Garcetti and Wendy Greuel will find out which one of them will become Los Angeles' mayor tonight.
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