COVID-19 Movie? This 1970s Mexican Film Co-Written By Gabriel Garcia-Marquez Is Eerily Close To Reality

COVID-19 Movie? This 70s Mexican Film Is Eerily Close to Today's Reality

While the world is plagued by the deadly COVID-19, El año de la peste feels eerily familiar.
Dania Ramirez is playing a big role in Jumanji: The Next Level

'Jumanji:The Next Level' A Dream Come True for Latina Actress Dania Ramirez

Dania Ramirez is playing a big role in "Jumanji: The Next Level."

Review: 'Krisha''s Emotional Potency Found in Immersive Script Over Visual Flair

Despite some undeniably brilliant editing, camera work and acting, the strength in "Krisha" really comes from its script.
Jake Gyllenhaal Southpaw

Southpaw Movie Review: Jake Gyllenhaal Delivers Terrific Transformation From Beast to Man

"Southpaw" shows the journey from tamed, savage animal to free man.
10000 km

REEL SALAZARS 10.000 Km Movie Review: A Long Distance Relation Put to Test in Digital Present

"10.000 Km" might not amount to more than a cautionary tale on distance in the digital present, but it is a film that is executed with conviction and innovation.
Point Break

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Stuntman Jhonathan Florez Talks Challenges of Working on 'Point Break' at CinemaCon

Latin Post had a chance to speak with Jhonathan Florez, a Colombian air athlete who specializes in the disciplines of Skydiving, Base Jumping and wingsuit flying and who performed some of the stunts for "Point Break." The actor spoke about the challenges of making the film and the experience of working on his first Hollywood production.
Little Boy

Weekend Preview 2015: 'The Age of Adaline' and 'Little Boy' Premiere; 'Ex Machina' To Expand Nationwide

This weekend two mid-sized studio films will be released trying to take advantage of the last few weeks of spring. Additionally, "Furious 7" will continue to dominate while the Indie breakout "Ex Machina" will expand nationwide.
Cinderella Still

Cinderella Movie Trailer Shows New Scenes

New Cinderella Movie trailer gives us a new glance at the possible chemistry between Richard Madden (Prince Charming) and Lily James (Cinderella).
Entourage Cast

New 'Entourage' Trailer Released [Watch]

The long awaited trailer for the Entourage movie has been released.
Selma/Foxcatcher/The Grand Budapest Hotel/ Birdman

Oscars 2015 Predictions: How the Golden Globes Affect the Oscars

On Thursday, the Golden Globe nominations were announced with "Birdman" leading the nominees with seven. As a result, a number of nominees got a boost while other films lost strength. Here are some of the results.
'Unbroken' Director Angelina Jolie Talks Challenges of Adapting the Book to New Movie

'Unbroken' Director Angelina Jolie Talks Challenges of Adapting the Book to New Movie

Angelina Jolie is one of the most renowned actresses in Hollywood and this year she's taking on yet another challenge as she is directing her sophomore feature "Unbroken." The movie is an epic story of the life of Louis Zamperini and his travails in World War 2.
Guardians of the Galaxy

DVD Releases of the Week: 'Guardians of the Galaxy', 'Dolphin Tale 2' Coming in Time For Holiday Season

With only two news releases in theaters this weekend, Hollywood will roll out a number of successful summer blockbusters including the number one film of the year and some of the most acclaimed Indie films of the year. From Marvel's 'Guardians of the Galaxy" to 'Dolphin Tale 2', Latin breaks down the hottest DVD movie releases coming out this week.

'Unbroken' Movie Review: Angelina Jolie's Sophomore Film is Moving and Captivating But Lacks Originality

Overall, "Unbroken" is a well-intentioned and refined picture that will move audiences to tears. It celebrates the human spirit of Louis Zamperini, but unfortunately lacks any original or masterful storytelling.
Before I Disappear

'Before I Disappear' Movie Review: Shawn Christensen's Director Debut an Engaging, Entertaining Film

Overall, "Before I Disappear" is a solid directorial debut that is entertaining and worthy of all the festival praise.
Reese Witherspoon delivers the best performance of her career in Wild.

'Wild' Movie Review: Reese Witherspoon's Best Performance to Date in Introspective & Effective Film

"Wild" represents a bold piece of filmmaking from Vallee dominated by Witherspoon's fantastic turn. Many viewers may be turned off by the film's somewhat didactic finish but few will deny the transcendent qualities inherent in the experience.d

Oscars 2015 Predictions: Will 'Interstellar' Be Nominated for Best Picture After Scoring Mixed Reviews?

With "Interstellar" having premiered and critics being a bit mixed on the film, there is speculation on whether it will be a 2015 Oscar contender or not.
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